54% Didn't Vote for President Trump

by Bruce Hoby

 President Trump majority President Trump didn't win a majority
(He didn't win more than 50% of the vote).

 President Trump 2nd place President Trump didn't win a plurality
(He didn't win the most votes of any of the candidates; he came in 2nd place).*

 President Trump enjoys a victory smile

 President Trump check box 46% More than 54% of the voters wanted someone else to be president. Trump's poor job approval ratings match his election popularity day in and day out (Gallup: Trump Job Approval). **

Obama Elected with Majority Support

President Trump check box 46% President Obama was more popular than Trump. Obama won his first election in 2008 with a convincing 56% of the vote and his second term was won with 51%. Obama was also more popular with the public than Trump based on job performance.

The Majority Opposes President Trump

President Trump Electoral college vote Checkbox 2 Donald Trump is president through the function of the electoral college; he is not president through the will of the voters as measured by a direct democracy. In the US, the popular vote doesn’t determine the presidency, but it does reflect how the public wants the government to be run.

President Trump 72,731,979 votes Checkbox 72,731,979 voters didn't cast their ballots for the president.

World View

 President Trump popular vote check box When people around the world wonder how the American people could have voted for President Trump, they should be reminded that 54% of the voters didn't. President Trump lost the popular vote by a convincing majority.*** (It appears he didn't even want the job anyway.)

President Trump ignorant check box 6 When President Trump experiences resistance of his ignorant behavior and policies, he should be reminded that 54% of the voters didn't vote for him.

President Trump majority check box Resistance is not coming from a fringe discontented minority; its voice is rooted in the the majority who did not vote for president Trump.

President Trump  checkbox Voters and most of the public are reacting to a consistently divisive president who lacks empathy and who has been proven in court to be corrupt and is now involved in personal self-enrichment at the expense of the American public. Opposition has been in the majority since inauguration day (See polls above).

jesus loves President Trump check box When President Trump and his staff regularly complain about the media or the public's negative reaction to the incompetence and corruption of the White House, they should be reminded that 54% of the voters didn't vote for this president.

 President Trump Republicans run it all: the White House, both houses of congress, the supreme court and most governorships in US states and President Trump blames his ongoing incompetence on the media, former US President, Barack Hussein Obama, and Hillary Clinton (who hasn't been in office since 2013). President Trump should regularly be reminded that resistance to his failure is rooted in one fact: 54% didn't vote for President Trump.

Election Notes

*Even considering the President's lie that 5 million people voted for Hillary Clinton illegally, and subtracting those votes, a solid majority of voters still didn't vote for Donald Trump.

** Votes cast for Hillary Clinton plus the votes cast for all third party candidates are 9,746,874 more than what Donald Trump received.
(See 2016 election results)

McCain and Romney both had a higher percentage of votes than Trump

***Sen. John McCain lost the 2008 election with 48% of the popular vote.
(See 2008 results)

Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election with 47% of the popular vote.
(See 2012 results)

Trump "won" the presidency with under 46% of the vote.

Authored by Bruce Hoby