Bruce Hoby

Political & Social Commentary

Brucy Hoby lives on the internet and in the hearts and minds of a few. He offers biting political and social commentary.

This is what we imagine him to look like.

"The American slob is confident in his ignorance, forthright in his arrogance, and deficient in empathy; he takes pride in imagined bravery while being obsessed by unreasonable fears."


15 Reasonable Arguments for Gun Control
Countering conservatives and right-wing authoritarians on gun control.

How to get Liberals to the Polls
...and convince conservatives to stay home. Send them the same postcard.

54% Didn't Vote for Trump
100% true, Mitt Romney had a higher percentage of votes in 2012.

Conservatism Starts at Home
Hey hero, practice your ideology.

You Will Be Governed
A Poem for Libertarians

Three Tribes of the United States
Noted Opinions Expressed by Patrons of a nearby Tavern Regarding the Decline of a Nation

Early 2000s Archive

Honky Time: Meet an American Honky
This was written when ignoramuses were still the minority in the US.

Celebrate National Shut the Hell Up Month
A commentary on the ongoing disruption of noisy people.

Classic Rock Radio Enslaves Workforce
At the time I was spending a lot of time in a soul-sucking, minimum-wage-hovering, factory-floor job listening to the same classic rock FM bullshit day in and day out with some of today's willfully ignorant Trump supporters.

Meet a pop-up window
Back when a hidden camera company was wrecking the web with pop-up window advertising.

Some of my best work is omitted from this site for reasons you (Believe me, sad).