Bruce Hoby

Political & Social Commentary

Brucy Hoby lives on the internet and in the hearts and minds of a few. He offers biting political and social commentary.

Bruce Hoby's Best Pic from Days Gone By.

"The American slob is confident in his ignorance, forthright in his arrogance, and deficient in empathy; he takes pride in imagined bravery while being obsessed by unreasonable fears."


How to get Liberals to the Polls
...and convince conservatives to stay home. Send them the same postcard.

54% Didn't Vote for Trump
100% true, Mitt Romney had a higher percentage of votes in 2012.

Conservatism Starts at Home
Hey hero, practice your ideology.

You Will Be Governed
A Poem for Libertarians

Three Tribes of the United States
Noted Opinions Expressed by Patrons of a nearby Tavern Regarding the Decline of a Nation

Early 2000s Archive

Honky Time: Meet an American Honky
This was written when ignoramuses were still the minority in the US.

Celebrate National Shut the Hell Up Month
A commentary on the ongoing disruption of noisy people.

Classic Rock Radio Enslaves Workforce
At the time I was spending a lot of time in a soul-sucking, minimum-wage-hovering, factory-floor job listening to the same classic rock FM bullshit day in and day out with some of today's willfully ignorant Trump supporters.

Meet a pop-up window
Back when a hidden camera company was wrecking the web with pop-up window advertising.

Some of my best work is omitted from this site for reasons you (Believe me, sad).