How to get Liberals to the Polls...

(while convincing moderate conservatives to stay home.)

by Bruce Hoby

Could the resistance send conservatives and liberals the same junk mail?

Stand with Scott Walker, Stand with President Trump, 2018 Mid-term Election Mailer

The President is poison to many Republican Party candidates in 2018. Moderate and liberal political action committees could probably send liberals and conservative voters the same postcard this election season.

Driving the remaining thoughtful conservatives toward embarrassment and apathy while further agitating liberals could be a useful election strategy in many US voting districts.

This is an example of how the opposition can reach out to voters in Iowa's 3rd congressional district:

David Young and President Trump 2018 Mid-term Election Mailer

Had so-called "fiscally conservative" Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, not help increase the national debt by trillions and then heroically decide not to run for another term, Wisconsin's 1st congressional district voters could have received this postcard:

Paul Ryan and President Trump 2018 Mid-term Election Mailer

Yesterday's moderates are considered "leftists" according to authoritarians and the alt-right who run the Republican party and right-wing media.

Republican's efforts are to destroy society-sustaining social contracts that have been around for generations. They are being destroyed in an effort to further serve the unions of wealth holders, like ALEC, whose interests run counter to the middle class and the environment.

Stopping conservatives and Republicans is worth waiting in line at the polls for awhile. Keeping moderate and liberal voters agitated can get them there.

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