Conservatism Starts at Home

by Bruce Hoby

As a conservative you should be held accountable to your ideology.

A conservative should recognize that he is surrounded by the false comfort of liberalism and should act to escape its tyranny for himself before demanding the government do something about it.

Can your house be patriotic enough.

In defense of conservatism and in the fight against liberalism, you the conservative need to answer “yes” to tough questions.

Ending Redistribution of Wealth is Conservatism

After about four years, the average Social Security and Medicare recipient has been paid back what he has contributed. After that he is living on the funds stolen from his past employers and today's workers. Should he refuse this welfare?

The answer should be “yes,” benevolent conservative.

Encourage the elderly people in your life to stop taking government handouts after they've already been paid back. Redistribution of wealth is the work of liberals.

Social Security recipient play subsidized golf.

Forcing Women to give Birth is Conservatism

Life begins at birth. Embryos are babies. If pregnant, should a woman be forced by the government to give birth or face punishment?

The answer should be “yes,” conservative activist.

The woman would be an accomplice to the murder of a child. Exceptions are the work of liberals.

Uncle Sam wants you to give birth

(Only God should be allowed to do thousands of abortions per day. See: Is heaven populated chiefly by the souls of embryos (a.k.a. "babies")?)

Deregulation is Conservatism

Are you willing to accept more contaminants in the air you breath and the water you drink in exchange for more jobs? Do you trust big Wall Street banks and industries to police themselves?

The answer should be “yes,” accountable conservative.

Regulations are the work of liberals and infringe on the rights of corporations who are people, just like you.

Breathing more mercury emissions means there will be more jobs.

Defunding Public Education is Conservatism

Access to education for everyone offers no profit margin. Students aren’t learning and the teachers are overpaid union collectivists living off the taxpayer. Should you remove your child from public school?

The answer is “yes,” conservative thinker.

Public education is the idea and work of liberals to indoctrinate children into socialism and to build big gymnasiums that even some of the parents of home schooled children want their kids to play in. (See: Homeschooling Parents: Your Child's Friday-Night Sports Dreams Aren't Public Schools' Problem. Hypocrites.)

End the tyranny of public education.

Owning Any Weapon You Want is Conservatism

Should a good citizen like you have the right to own and carry a flame thrower or a shoulder mounted rocket launcher?

The answer is “yes,” conservative patriot.

Who has the right to say what another person needs to defend himself? Buy and carry whatever arms and ammo you want. We are pretty sure The 2nd Amendment says "...the right of the people to keep and bear ANY arms, shall not be infringed." (Well, we know that the founders meant to say "any arms".) Restricting any type of firearms is the work of a liberal attempting to usurp your freedoms and tread on you.

Excercise your 2nd amendment and own what you want.

Advocating for the end of liberalism starts with YOU by exercising it in your personal life. Stop running to the government first.

Authored by Bruce Hoby