You Will Be Governed

(A Poem for Dreamers and Libertarians)

You will be governed.

You will serve:
the bank, the armies,
your mother, your amygdala, your god,
your stomach.


Desires will be invented,
fed, and manipulated.
You will serve them.

People will die,
others will be saved.
Things will be given,
things will be taken
while you are governed and as you govern;

you will govern the children,
or the neighborhood, maybe your adversaries.

All who govern are governed
by the market
or faith
or sanctimony
or benevolence
or the corporation
or the state
or "the people"
or the truth…
for Christ’s sake!

You will hear what freedom is.
You’ll believe it,
and serve it.
You will know freedom,
and perhap slave to ensure it.

You will be governed. Probably.

Authored by Bruce Hoby